Polymer/Plastic Staples for Tire Retreading & Repairing (19 Gauge Composite Staples)

ModelDufast S05-10mm
Length10mm (3/8 inch) or similar to
Gauge19 GA
DiameterCrown 12.5mm (1/2 inch)
Packing5040 pcs per box, 32 boxes per case
Free SamplesAvailable
We focus on manufacturing composite nails & plastic staples. After many years of steady development, we have lots of great success stories all over the world.

Now we are looking for 1-2 distributors in your country.
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Product Details

NamePolymer Composite Staples / Composite Plastic Staples
ModelDufast S05-10mm
Length10mm (3/8 inch) or similar to
Gauge19 GA
DiameterCrown 12.5mm (1/2 inch)
Packing5040 pcs per box, 32 boxes per case
Gross Weight0.29 kg per box, 12.12 kg per case
Free SamplesAvailable, please contact us
Staple GunsPneumatic stapler, such as:
Compatible FastenersBlack Magic, Raptor, Senco, Omer & Red Hawk
MaterialPolymer resin & fiberglass, 100% metal free
ApplicationTire retreading & repairing, boat building, CNC woodworking, cabinet assembly,
door manufacturing
BrandDUFAST or yours (OEM & ODM)
ManufacturerRuibote Technology Co., Ltd
OriginDalian, China
HS Code3926909090

Packaging Boxes

Our polymer composite brad nails and fasteners offer superior holding power when compared against similar size steel nails, and are perfect for use with woodworking adhesives, to provide a temporary hold until the adhesive cures.
By default, we will offer you our standard boxes with our logo as follows. These items are specially designed, great printing with our company information.
But if you need, we can also offer you special neutral boxes. Just contact us for details. As for your big orders, we can even provide special diy boxes with YOUR logo and company information to save your more money.
DUFAST® composite fasteners are comparable with competitive products from Raptor, Omer, Senco, Red Hawk and Black Magic, but our prices will be very competitive. So if you want a better choice to reduce your costs, please contact us today.
Dufast® Fasteners & Tools Data
ProductsModelsPcs per BoxBoxes per CaseKg per BoxKg per CaseSuitable Tools
Plastic StaplesS05-04 (5/32")5040400.177.28Stapler S81P
S05-06 (1/4")5040400.218.95
S05-08 (5/16")5040400.2610.92
S05-10 (3/8")5040400.2912.15
S05-14 (9/16")5040400.3815.76
SH05-10 (3/8")5040320.5518.12Stapler PA1314
SH05-14 (9/16")4200300.4814.95
Composite Finish NailsF/15-19 (3/4")2000320.217.25Nailer F1.8/50
F/15-25 (1")2000320.268.86
F/15-32 (1-1/4")2000160.325.66
F/15-38 (1-1/2")2000160.417.08
Composite Brad NailsB18-16 (5/8")2000320.052.12Nailer F32
B18-19 (3/4")2000320.072.79
Suitable ToolsStapler S81P111.211.75 
Stapler PA1314111.221.77 
Nailer F1.8/50112.523.03 
Nailer F32111.211.75 

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