High Quality

Plastic Staples For Wood

7 Years’ Experience in Manufacturing
Fantastic Plastic Staples for Wood
Give it a try, you’ll save money!
Most of our customers come from our competitors and they never look back.
We focus on making composite plastic staples for woodworking, wood furniture, wooden boat building,
cabinetry and cabinet making, casket making. We have lots of great success stories all over the world!
Now, we are looking for 1-2 distributors in your country.
Please contact us for free samples, and let's walk hand in hand to get greater success.

Why Choose Our Plastic Staples

High Quality Plastic Staples

Our plastic woodworking staples are worldwide renowned by selection of superior material and excellent machinability.

For Multiple Applications

Our plastic staples can be used for manufacturing industries such as Timber Processing, CNC Woodworking, Tire Retread,
Wooden Boat Building, Cellular PVC, Composites Manufacturing, Casket Manufacturing and Construction.

100% Metal Free

Our composite plastic staples are a composite blend of polymer and fiberglass.
They are suitable for any application where metal fasteners cannot be used.

Great Price Guarantee

Higher efficiency and lower costs are our pursuit.
Our plastic woodworking staples are your optimal selection of highest cost performance.

Beautiful Standard Boxes

By default, we will offer you the standard packing boxes and wrapping paper.
These items are specially designed, great printing with our logo and company information.

Optional Neutral Boxes

We can also offer you the neutral boxes and paper if you need.
For your big orders, we can even provide special diy boxes with YOUR logo and company information to save your more money.

Benefits You Can Get

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